Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dirty Ice Cream...

I am in a country town (not as rural as my town in Canada) with simple people everywhere - I would say some rednecks as well..

Friday I went to town with my children and while walking under the hot sun (it was very hot), we came across this lady. She had her boy, about Nannah's age and she was also holding a baby. I remember her face very well, and remember the clothes she was wearing as well. She had her black hair braided, her button up shirt was brown and she had black pants. Her boy, very dirty (probably had a cold, his nose was runny and the dust made it all dark. His ice cream cone was running all over as it melted, and I remember it was also dark from the boy's dirty face.)
As we cross with them, Nannah looked at him, and we moved on.
This lady followed us for a block and finally caught me. She touched me and said "Hi, my boy wants to offer some ice cream to your daughter". I am very sorry, I looked at him, at his ice cream (strawberry, but dark from dust and mucus) and looked to Nannah, who was happy playing with Claire - and I told the lady she didn't need to, and I thank the boy as well. The mother was very concerned, she asked me if my daughter would be fine, I said "for sure". Then she asked me again - Are you sure it's not dangerous? What if she gets sick? (honestly, feeling the worst person now, I was worried about her being sick from that ice cream). After a brief conversation, and lots of "thank you" from me, we left.
This scene still bugs me. This lady didn't even know me, but was so worried about my kid...
I don't know that lady but her act of kindness will be with me for as long as I remember.



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What´s your Hobby?

A while back I used to draw. A lot. Digital Cartoons were my favorite. I don't do it anymore as a job, I do it for fun, with my kids, in big papers, so we can colour after I draw. Here are some of the pictures I've done for friends, clients, family... :) Drawing is still my hobby, but as a hobby, we don't do it all the time :)

A friend (Fabi) and Husband

A friend from Paraguay

a Couple who got engaged


Twins from Brazil

My Niece

Family's friend

Happy Little Kids